Student kit : Non-Adjustable Articulator

Student kit : Non-Ajustable Articulator



The “School Case LAB” includes a Quick Master LAB articulator with an optional Split Cast magnetic system. The case is available with a pre-adjusted articulator with a 25° condyle slope or a 40° condyle slope. The kit also contains a grey or black carrying case and articulator’s accessories.


This case is omnipresent in French dental schools but is also bought by some students in the faculty of dentistry in France or abroad when they already have or are lent our facebow.


The case will allow you to move your equipment easily without the risk of losing or breaking any of it, and it has been specially designed to fit into the lockers.

The kit “Non-Adjustable Articulator” includes :


* A Quick Master LAB 25 or 40 Non-Adjustable articulator (magnetic version possible).

* A metallic mouting table 10°.

* An adjustable incisal table.

* Non-curvilinear Bennett angles.

* A grey or black transport case.


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