Dental Articulator Quick Master LAB 40


The Quick Master LAB 40 dental articulator is a pre-programmed articulator with 40° condylar slopes.

Bennett’s angles can still be adjusted.

The Quick Master LAB 40 Dental Articulator is very easy to use due to its design.

It will be your ideal patient!


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Features of the Quick Master LAB 40 Dental Articulator


* Anatomical dental articulator referenced Frankfurt.
* Dental articulator with ARCON design.
* Anatomical dental articulator with an inter condylar distance of 110 mm.

* Semi-adjustable dental articulator.
* Condylar slope of 40°.
* Bennett’s angle adjustment at 0°, 10°, 15° and 20°.
* Locking system in centric relationship.
* Mounting of the maxillary model with a facebow or a transfer table.

* Weight 530 g and working height between the mounting plates: 87 mm.


Quick Master LAB 40 dental articulator's advantages

  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • French reference
  • Fast and easy to use

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