Student kit : Articulator and Facebow

Student kit : Articulator and Facebow


The “Student Case” including an articulator, a facebow and their accessories stored in a grey carrying case is a must-have for French for foreign dental students.


Indeed it perfectly meets the requirements of a university course in dentistry and professional practice, and is therefore intended for students in the faculty of dentistry. Its cost has been adapted to the limited student’s budget.


The case will allow you to move your equipment easily without the risk of losing or breaking any of it, and it has been specially designed to fit into the lockers.

The kit Articulator and Facebow includes :


* A Quick Master B2 adjustable articulator (magnetic version possible).

* A Facebow “Quick”.

* A metallic mouting table 10°.

* An adjustable incisal table.

* A case including all Bennett angles.

* A Stainless steel bite-fork.

* A fork support.

* A grey transport case.

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